c. Speed Test Instructions

Your Input Is Vital:

Your speed tests help GCBC document the gaps in the California Broadband coverage maps.

While the California Broadband Maps indicate your home or business are served,  a speed test may indicate it is not up too the Public Utilities Commission established standard of 6 Mbps Down and 1.5 Mbps Up.  We need this information for a validation layer on the California Broadband Map.

By filling out the survey form below you are consenting that your address may be shown as a point location on the California Broadband Map along with any details you submit regarding broadband service at that address. This information will be used for determining the availability of broadband in California and will be publicly accessible. Your name and e-mail will not be disclosed on the map. If you have any concerns, questions, or comments e-mail broadbandfeedback@cpuc.ca.gov or call (415) 703-5469. The California State privacy policy can be found at http://www.ca.gov/privacy.html.

Since we live here, too, we know how important it is to respect your privacy.You can contact the GCBC by e-mail at randy@sedcorp.biz or call (530) 823-4703.  If you have any question on the form or how to fill it out please contact russ@sedcorp.biz or call (530) 273-8085

Link to Speed Test: http://www.speedtest.net/ (Record results for inclusion in SURVEY REPORT BELOW)

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