Nevada County Broadband Summit

Come learn the current status of wireless broadband in Nevada County and ask ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) questions regarding access to the Internet in your neighborhood.    This is the final Nevada County broadband meeting that has been developed by the joint efforts of the California Public Utilities Commission, Sierra Economic Development Corporation and the County of Nevada to help bring broadband service to sparsely populated rural communities.

Save the Date:  June 28 from 10am-12pm at the Gene Albaugh Community Room Madelyn Helling Library, 980 Helling Way,  Nevada City.

The Sierra Economic Development Corporation (SEDCorp) is the facilitator of a California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) grant to launch a public-private partnership aimed at increasing digital access and use in Nevada, Placer, El Dorado, Sierra and eastern Alpine counties.   Additional information and announcements will be posted on the Gold Country Broadband Consortium Blog: Please book marks this blog as the go-to-place for the latest GCBC updates and maps.  For more information on SEDCorp or the Gold Country Broadband Consortium, contact Randy Wagner, CEO, 530.823.4703, or visit

Draft Resolution T-17443 re CASF revised timelines per SB 740 and list of priority areas 

The draft resolution T-17443 has been issued for public comments (opening comments due June 11 and reply comments on June 17)

Quoted in part:

During the 2013-2014 Legislative Session, the Legislature passed SB 740 to expand eligibility. Through the legislative process, SB 740 was amended several times and ultimately it’s passage resulted in changes to other aspects of the CASF Program, in addition to eligibility. These changes required that the Commission give priority to last mile projects serving unserved households, newly eligible non-CPCN/ WIR holders must provide a last mile connection to an unserved household, the CPUC must give existing providers the opportunity to upgrade their networks in areas serving underserved households before funds are awarded to a new provider, and local governments may apply for funds only if its project provides a connection to an unserved household or business and no other eligible entity has applied.


To:   Parties on the CASF Distribution List

Draft Resolution T-17443 implements new timelines for applicants to the California Advanced Services Fund (CASF), including how and when local government agencies and non-telephone corporations may apply pursuant to Senate Bill (SB) 740. It also describes how existing providers may exercise their right of first refusal as provided under SB 740. In addition, this Resolution lists areas in California that various CASF-funded regional consortia groups and state agencies have identified as priorities for broadband infrastructure deployment. Broadband providers are encouraged to target these areas in their applications for CASF funding in order for the Commission to approve funding for infrastructure projects that will provide broadband access to no less than 98% of California households by no later than December 31, 2015.

On June 26, 2014, the Commission may vote on this resolution, or it may postpone a vote until later.  When the Commission votes on a draft resolution, it may adopt all or part of it as written, amend, or modify it, or set it aside and prepare a different resolution.  Only when the Commission acts does a resolution become binding on the parties. The conformed resolution, when adopted by the Commission, is available at the same website.

Pursuant to Public Utilities (PU) Code 311 (g), the draft resolution is available for public comments.  Comments should be focused on factual, legal, and/or technical errors in the draft resolution.  Comments must be limited to five pages in length and shall include a subject index listing the recommendations to the draft resolution, a table of authorities, and an appendix setting forth the proposed revised findings and ordering paragraphs.

The date of submission is the date the comments are received by the Communications Division.  Parties must serve a copy of their comments to the Communications Division staff representative John Baker, and on each party set forth on the service list attached to the draft resolution on the same date that the comments are submitted to the Communications Division.

Comments must be received and served on parties no later than June 11, 2014, (which is 15 days from the date of this mailing).  Reply comments may be submitted on or before June 17, 2014 (5 days after opening comments are submitted) and shall be limited to identifying misrepresentations of law, fact, or condition of the record contained in the comments of other parties.  Replies shall not exceed three pages in length and shall be submitted and served in the same manner as opening comments.

Late-filed opening and/or reply comments will ordinarily be rejected.  However, in extraordinary circumstances, a request for leave to submit comments or replies late may be filed together with proposed comments/replies.  An accompanying declaration under penalty of perjury shall be submitted setting forth all the reasons for the late submission.

/s/ Ryan Dulin

Ryan Dulin, Director

Communications Division

Priorities in the Resolution are HERE: Consortia_Priority_Areas_May20

CSAF Consortia Learning Summit Materials Posted

The Learning Summit Agenda, 2013 Accomplishments and Attendee List is posted under the CPUC/CSAF Navigation Tab.

The GCBC Presentation on Broadband Priorities at the Learning Summit is posted under the SEDCorp Navigation Tab.

Updated High-Speed Internet Flyer

Attached is the latest version of the GCBC Flyer: GCBC Flyer 2262014

Community Meeting Calendar Updated

The Calendar was updated on 02-13-14 for meetings in Nevada County and El Dorado County.

The meeting fliers are below

Nevada County: 2014 flyer Nevada County GCBC

El Dorado County: 2014 flyer El Dorado County GCBC

GCBC ISP Meeting Materials

The meeting material have been posted under the SEDCorp Navigation Tab above.

SEDCorp Publishes New Internet Access Flier

Download the latest flier from SEDCorp on Internet Access here: GCBC Flyer 1242014

Additional Information on El Dorado Community Meetings

Additional information has been posted on the first round of El Dorado County meeting at the Navigation Tab above.

Pilot Hill Presentation

Randy Wagner’s Pilot Hill Presentation, with the updated address and phone numbers, is available to down load under the El Dorado Navigation Tab above.

Broadband Availability Public Feedback

The Public Utilities Commission is requesting your help in collecting information on broadband availability in your neighborhood

Help us gather information about broadband availability in California:

More information available at

Feedback from users is encouraged and will help improve the accuracy of this interactive map tool. In addition to taking the map’s survey please contact us with questions and comments to:


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